Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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I started blogging since 2 years ago and this Resources blog is my third blog besides my personal blog and my blog for science subject. I really enjoy having blogs and posting entries for all my blogs. This is one of the way for me to pour and write my views and opinion. Everyone can read and give comments to what I wrote. We can exchange our thought and opinions through this blog. Plus, through this blog, I could upload my favourite videos, pictures, links and so on. This will make my blog interesting to read.
Lots of things that i had gained through blogging. First of all, I learnt on how to express my feeling and views. I can pour and express my feeling through my writing in the blog. By doing this, I can release whatever dissatisfaction that I have since sometimes we are not giving the chances to tell and convey our feeling.
Furthermore, my writing is improved through blogging. It is because, i will at least posting 3 blog entries per week and this had practised me to gain more skills of writing. Plus, instead of writing skills, i had also gained lots of technology skills. It is because, through this blog, I had learnt on how to upload videos to our blogs, how to upload pictures and many more. These knowledge are really beneficial to me as I can use these skills for my teaching and learning sessions in the future.
Next, for this course, i had also gained lots of input and knowledge about internet and technology skills. I had learnt on how to do e-books, videos, uploading videos on the internet and so on. I really enjoyed attending this course since the knowledge given were very usefull.
As for me, we need to learnt all these skills since we are now living in this millennium era of technology whereby everything is related to technology even in school. So, as future teachers, this can be a very beneficial knowledge for us and it is a lost for us if we did not grab this opportunity of learning this technology knowledge.

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